Quality- and Environmental Policy

Biomontan GmbH Quality- and Environmental Policy

The ISO 9001 and 14001 standard guarantees a vibrant environmental policy. Corporate responsibility to the environment is more than just a slogan to us, it is a benefit to our customers, our company and the world in which we live in!

From our manual:
"... Environmental protection is an aim that is equally important as economic success, quality and safety.
Environmental considerations are integrated in decision-making processes for our whole management system. The company management obliges all employees to base all their work on the defined rules written within this policy. This way, we are able to plan, control and document all our technical and organisational processes, and their effects on the environment. Maintaining the environmental regulations and standards is a matter of course to us. Development of products and production processes exceed legal requirements and regard to continuous improvement of environmental protection...."

Customer requirements: Processing meets requirements and expectations of internal and external customers and is based on special quality agreements with suppliers and customers.

Processes: Processing of all actions within defined processes with definied responsibilities and control of these processes for ongoing improvement.

Laws: Maintainance of all legal laws, standards and regulations.

Health and employee protection: Orientation of working conditions on health- and safety-prevention for employees, involving self responsibility of employees for safety conform processing of their actions.

Environmental protection: Orientation of all actions on economical use of resources and energy, involving self responsibility of employees in the area of corporate environmental protection.

Risk prevention: Orientation of all actions on prevention against operative failures and on minimization of failure consequences.

Ethik: The Code of Conduct of Biomontan GmbHis integrated part of all business activities and is used legally binding for all employees.

Dialogue with the public: We are maintaining an open dialogue about relevant themes with neighbours, officials and all intersted communities. We want to create trust by doing active communicatinon.

Education: Ongoing training and further education of all employees in specialised, quality- and environmentally relevant domains.

Improvement: Initation of relevant surveys about reasons of complaints, accidents environmental events and other deviations and introduction of conforming corrective and improving actions.

Innovation: Creation of appeals for innovation and improvement by a motivating system

Sustainability: Orienation of quality- and environmental targets on company defined policy of sustainability.

Enns, November 2016

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