polymer preparation systems

We are glad to extend our all-out-of-one-hand-concept by adding one more product line from the section of dosing- and system technology. From now on we're distribution partner for polymer preparation systems from waterprocesstec GmbH.


Biomontan GmbH :: FAB-Anlage waterprocesstec GmbH

The waterprocesstec polymer preparation system FAB pendulum was developed to allow a controlled dispersion of polyelectrolytes in water.

The systems serve the recognition and treatment of solid and liquid polyelectrolytes regardless of manufacturer. Through the water fast filling a water trap is introduced to the wetting of the agitators in the respective mixing tank. The level is measured continuously and is displayed graphically on the touchpanel. Via a side channel compressor the powder transport carried in the innovative mixing head. Already here carried a wetting with water. The early mixing prevented clumping on the water surface.

An agitator is mixing the water with the polymer carefully until the maturation period has expired. The agitators are optional controlled with frequency converters. During the maturation period, it is possible to start the next approach in the second mixing tank.The complete system can automatically expire and be fully involved in the processes.

Polymer preparation system type Inline

Biomontan GmbH :: Polymeransatzanlage Inline waterprocesstec GmbH

The polymer preparation system type Inline was developed for controlled preparation of liquid polyelectrolyte in water.

The system is suitable for all types of polymers and so regardless of manufacturer. With continuously variable eccentric screw pump the liquid polymer is sucked from the container and is conveyed to the static mixer. Then it will be mixed with inline method in the static mixer. And so the connection associated with this solution comes into optional storage tank, to achieve the maturation and the 100 % activation and efficiency.

The system type Inline is designed for fully automatic operation, but can also be operated manually. It is because of the few mechanical components requires very little maintenance. In addition, this system will be built in two versions, a standard version for stationary operation and a compact version for wall mounting or on construction sites.

Multi-Mixer type MM200

Biomontan GmbH :: Multi-Mischer waterprocesstec GmbH

The dynamic multi-mixer MM200 optimizes the entry of flocculants in the mud and can be easily integrated in to existing sludge dewatering equipment and process control systems.

The to conditioned sludge is exposed with polymer just before reaching of multi-mixer. The stock and process solution comes directly from the flocculant dissolving and dosing system. Because of the innovative geometry of mixer blades is the structure of the sludge destabilized and at the same time with polymer wetted and mixed. The resulting slurry/polymer mixture is transported axially by the mixing housing and leaves the mixer again at an angle of 90°. The sludge flows then as far as possible free of turbulence in your thickening or dewatering system. During this time the desired flock structure can optimally develop.

Because of the sophisticated and innovative design of the multi-mixer results the robust construction and low maintenance.

Dry feeder

Biomontan GmbH :: Trockengutdosierer waterprocesstec GmbH

The waterprocesstec dry feeder is the perfect device to get a dose safely in the handle.

It is suitable for many kinds of dry goods and combines modern technology with a high degree of accuracy and reliability. The waterprocesstec Dry-Material-Feeder has a high volume inlet funnel. In this funnel rotate a continuous screw. The screw transports the dry material to the discharge pipe. A mixing shaft prevented the tunnel and bridge formation, which the screw forms a tunnel in the product, so no material slides down. The discharge pipe is equipped with a heater. It is important to eliminate the deposit of the product.

The dry feeder can be seamlessly integrated with numerous upgrades and options in the processes.