Screw Presses

Biomontan GmbH :: Screw presses from IEA Austria GmbH

IEA-Screw-Presses | Go for the original!

The IEA Screw Press is manufactured in Austria.

Overview of the advantages of the original IEA-Presses High Flow:

  • Maximum drainage at high capacities
  • Continous dwatering
  • Noise level < 65 dB
  • Less wear (screw rotation < 1 Upm)
  • Long lifespan
  • Sealing lip can be easyily replaced even with the screw in place (no necessity to disassemble the screw, except for series "L")
  • Exchangeable filters to match the various sludge conditions
  • Horizontally divided filter cylinder to enable easy maintainance (except series "L")
  • All parts exposed to sludge are made of stainless steel or higher-quality materials
  • Continued use of machine is possible during the cleaning process

We offer several series for various tasks:

  • Standard design SP-HF with horizontally divided filter cylinder and exchangeable filters
  • Design SP-Hf "LG" with horizontally divided filter cylinder and non-changeable filters

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