Hardness stabilisers, corrosion inhibitors, anti-scales

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Wide product range to prevent and/or eliminate deposits, crystallisation, corrosion, soiling, solid depots.

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hardness stabilizers: PETROSPERSE product range

PETROSPERSE products inhibit crystallisation and deposits in waste water and sludge treatment, and in closed water circles.

Mode of action:

  • influences the crystalline structure of deposits of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate; intermolecular forces act less efficiently
  • mechanism of sedimentation is crucially disturbed
  • controlled dispersing is possible

corrosion inhibitors: PETROCORR product range

PETROCORR products are used to fight corrosion, soiling and solid deposits, in cooling circuits, for example.


  • mode of action is not influenced with chlorine and oxidising biocides (under normal conditions of use)
  • effective within a wide ph range
  • effective even at high temperatures
  • simple handling

Anti-Scales: PETROSPERSE NX-product range

For prevention of crystallisation and deposits in water and sludge treatment, we use anti-scaling products. PETROSPERSE NX products are mainly based on modificated phosphonic acids and phosphonates; their molecular structure is specially tailored for high complexation concerning calcium and magnesium ions and magnesium ammon phosphonate.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • outstanding anti-scaling effect
  • prevents precipitation of poorly soluble alkaline-earth salts
  • threshold, effective even at below-stoichiometrically dosing amounts
  • outstanding corrosion inhibition on unalloyed steel
  • non-agressive on steel and plastics