Odour controls and Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) binders

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Product range for efficient elimination of highly toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulfide in biochemical processes.

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In waste water containing sulphide, biochemically caused sulphuric acid causes considerable corrosion of concrete and metal building elements, even in a concentration of 5ppm. From 0.0005ppm, the human nose is able to perceive the typical smell, akin to rotten eggs.
H2S causes premature extensive measures of reorganization, leading to unplanned and very high costs.

BIODOR C4 immediately eliminates

  • highly toxic and corrosive H2S
  • thiols (mercaptans)
  • amines

BIOSMELL No. 1 Odour neutralizer

  • 100% plant extracts & aromatic substances
  • Environmentally friendly & non-toxic
  • Unlimited dilution with water possible
  • At least 24 months durability
  • Stable odour blocking

The mixture of plant extracts and aromatic substances reacts spontaneous and changes the reason of unwanted odour (ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, mercaptane, organic acids) into aromatic organic compounds. These compounds remain stable and spares bacteria and funghi which are needed for composting.

Find a product information about BIOSMELL No. 1 here (pdf in German Language).