Phosphate precipitants

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Monomere, oligomere and polymere salt solutions based on polyaluminium chloride and severe combination products, for example, iron to bind hydrogen sulfide.

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Excessive concentration of phosphates in rivers and lakes has significant consequences, from excessive growth of algae and fish mortality to eutrophication of the water with the formation of toxic, malodorous gases, like ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide.
Phosphate-precipitation engineering is used to reduce phosphate in rivers and lakes.

Available types from our PETROFLOC product range:

  • polyaluminium hydroxide chloride, especially against filamentous bacteria
  • polyaluminium hydroxide chloride with admixture, to bind hydrogen sulfide in the digestion tower
  • products that promote precipitaton of phosphate and increase the TS in the thickener or prevent sludge overflow in the clarifier
  • alkaline sodium-aluminium-salt solution for soft waste water and problematic ph
  • various customised modified product combinations