PRODUCT NEWS: BLUESORB® Plus - The clever oil- & chemical adsorbent!

Innovated by Biomontan and AKU-Umwelttechnik

  • Universally applicable, also for highly reactive substances
  • No critical reactions
  • Barrier-forming and highly efficient
  • Eco-friendly

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BLUESORB® Plus is universally applicable!

Polymere / pFM-Lösungen

BLUESORB® Plus in contrast to absorbers based on polyurethane or rubber powder, unfolds its outstanding binding capacity even on polymer solutions.

Acids / Bases

Even extreme pH ranges are no problem for BLUESORB® Plus. The implemented indicator is a valuable tool for the emergency personnel on site.


Difficult chemicals like solvents, acids, bases and even highly reactive / oxidizing substances are securely absorbed by BLUESORB® Plus.

Oil and Fuels

BLUESORB® Plus achieves excellent results in binding oil and bio-diesel and facilitates a quick recovery of traffic areas even in the rain.

Just spread on the spilled substance, allow briefly to take affect and now the binded mixture can be shovelled, swept or vacuumed. The disposal follows the absorbed substance.

BLUESORB® Plus fully justifies its name!

Due to the special indicator property a quick and clear color change happens when you spread on BLUESORB® Plus . The color depends on the pH of the spilled substance. The indicator is mainly a measure of precaution which helps for the first assessment when dealing with unknown spilled substances.

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