Analytical Laboratory

Highly modern technics and high expertise

Methodical competence for the selection of the best analysation method and understanding your high requirements for branch specific issues are guaranteed by a competent network of internal and external specialists.

Our modern Analytics combines highest technical laboratory- and equipment-standards with methods of material-testing and offers numerous effective opportunities to solve complex tasks.
In our in-house laboratory we deal, amongst others, with following issues:


  • Identification of deposits
  • Analyses of dirt spects (Paper, Pulp etc.)
  • Analyses of paper defects (like stains, holes, breaks etc.)
  • Quality inspection of products
  • Microscopical Analyses of organic material

REM (Raster-Electron-Microscope)

  • Examination of paper surfaces and -cross sections
  • Analyses of paper defects and dirt spects
  • Analyses of crystals in deposits

REM/EDX (Energy-dispersive X-Ray-Spectroscopy)

Quantitative analyses of the composition of anorganic samples:

  • Deposits in heat-exchangers, circuit water etc.
  • Pipes of sludge treatment
  • Analyses of process water

FTIR (Fourier-transformed Infraret-Spectroscopy)

Examination even possible with minimal sample quantities

  • Analyses of organic impurities (for example on filters, dewatering-equipment, scrapers etc.)
  • Identification of dirt spects, stickies, resin etc.
  • Quality inspection of products

HPLC (High-pressure Liquid Chromatography)

  • Examination of composition of biocides

GC-MS (Gaschromatography with Mass-Spectrometry)

  • Analytics of circuit- and waste water

Microscopy with fluorescence

  • Examination of biofilms and slimy deposits
  • Microscopical analyses of activated sludge
  • Identification of filamentous bacteria
  • Analyses of nitrificants, methan-bacteria, Bio-P-bacteria

Microbiological Methods

  • Bacterial count in circuit water
  • Total microbiological count (EasiCult), aerobic/anaerobic; spore-formers, yeast, funghi, sulphate-reducers


  • Water analytics

More Analytics Equipment

  • Zeta-Potential
  • Particle Charge Detector

General Laboratory Equipment

  • Standard laboratory equipment with drying cabinet, muffle furnace, incubator, drying balances, Soxhlet-Device, Jar-Tester etc.

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