BLUESORB® PLUS - The intelligent absorbent for polymers, oil and chemicals

safe - reliable - quick


The intelligent oil- and chemical absorbent
with innovative indicator-function.
Use one for all, even for problematic chemicals.

Eco friendly and completely non-toxic
BLUESORB®Plus guarantees optimal results.

Convincing advantages

compared to conventional binding agents

Biomontan GmbH BLUESORB® Plus - sicher


  • The special indicator-function helps to take an initial assessment on spillage of unknown substances.
  • Color changes after a few seconds according to pH value.
  • Harmless to environment and user (appropriate safety equipment when absorbing acids, lyes and other substances is strongly recommended)

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Biomontan GmbH BLUESORB® Plus - sicher

quick & reliable

  • Ready to use for immediate application
  • Absorbs efficiently and reliably after short reaction time
  • Quickly builds a barrier around the spilled substance and prevents further spreading
  • The absorbed substance can be shoveled, swept or vacuum cleaned (disposal follows the absorbed substance)

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Biomontan GmbH BLUESORB® Plus - sicher

universally applicable

  • Highly effective on spilled oil, polymer solutions, chemicals
  • No critical reactions with the spilled substance, even with highly reactive and oxidizing substances
  • Dekra-proved oil-binding-agent acc. to DWA-A 716-1 und 716-9

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BLUESORB®Plus guarantees

A PLUS of safety

Especially for unknown spilled substances the personnel must be able to take the right inital assessment.
This is very simple with BLUESORB® Plus thanks to its clever indicator-function: According to the pH of the spilled substance the color changes quickly - a valuable benefit for risk assesment and selection of proper safety equipment.
BLUESORB® Plus contains safe ingredients only and offers one more plus of safety.

Biomontan GmbH BLUESORB® Plus

Biomontan GmbH BLUESORB® Plus

A PLUS of Rapidity & Reliability

The blue powder is ready to use and can be applied on the spilled substance directly out of the bucket. After a short reaction time BLUESORB® Plus reliably binds the spilled substance and prevents further spreading thanks to its barrier-function. The following removal can be done by shovelling, sweeping or vacuum cleaning. The disposal follows the absorbed substance.
Please note, that BLUESORB® Plus must not be drained into sewers, as it would cause clogging due to its highly absorbing capacity.

A PLUS of applications

You need a series of binding agents on stock matching the different chemicals you are working with? There is no longer need to worry about that, as BLUESORB® Plus is universally applicable.
No matter if oil, polymer solution or any other chemical - BLUESORB® Plus binds them all quickly and reliably.
Critical reactions with the spilled substances do not occur, even when binding highly reactive or oxidizing substances.
The application as reliable oil-binding agent according to DWA-A 716-1 und 716-9 has been confirmed by DEKRA.

Biomontan GmbH BLUESORB® Plus

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All winners will be notified in writing. There is no right of appeal and the prizes cannot be paid out in cash or be exchanged.
For the raffle all data of our resellers are electronically stored and proceeded. They are treated confidentially and will not be handed over to third parties. If you do not want to take part in the raffle, please inform your Biomontan contact partner.
Any additional costs linked to the utilisation of the prize are to the account of the winner, who is also responsible for any potential taxation of the prize.

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BLUESORB® PLUS - The intelligent absorbent for polymers, oil and chemicals | Biomontan Produktions- und Handels GmbH

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